M51 - The Great Whirlpool Galaxy

Image details:

Telescope C-14 @ f11 on AP1200 mount
Camera FLI Dream Machine, full resolution. -30c cooling
Exposure 16 exposures, 1 minutes each
Processing Dark subtraction. 50 iterations RL deconvolution in Astroart
Other notes Pretty good shot. Hand picked sharpest images. Steady seeing. 1.3 arc seconds/pixel. Need a good flat field correction to really extract the best data from this set.


Image details:

Telescope Aries 16" RC @ f16 on AP1200 mount
Filters None
Camera SBIG ST-10XME binned 3x3. Cooled to -20.
Exposure 5 exposures, 5 minutes each. Combined in MaximDL
Processing Dark subtraction. 20 iterations Maximum Entropy deconvolution in MaxIm. Curve adjustment in Photoshop. Unsharp masking in Photoshop.
Other notes First light testing f/16 optics on DSO. Still working on getting system collimated properly.

Seeing was ok. Unbinned FWHM was about 7-8 pixels at this scale so I did a 3x3 bin to reduce the image scale to a reasonable level.


Image details:

Telescope AP130EDT @ f8 on AP1200 mount
Camera Starlight XPress HX-516
Exposure not recorded
Processing Drizzle processed in IRIS to double size and enhance resolution. Photoshop used for final contrast adjustment.
Other notes This shot, while not the 'best', is a demonstration of what can be accomplished with a small (5.1") telescope. It is the highest resolution deep sky picture I have taken - a feat when compared with those taken using the C-14.

The triangular stars are due to some lens pinch that I have been unable to resolve.




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