Bridgeport Pictures

Broke down, bought a used Bridgeport. 36" table. I wanted a small one because my shop in the basement is already crammed full of stuff.

Serial number: 140693. This places it as a 1971 vintage.

Bridgeport Head Plate Info Motor Plate Specifications Y-Ways X-Feed drive Table stops

Wide angle shot. Showing that it just fits under the Garage door.
It's an easy fit with the head inverted.

This is its temporary resting place until I move it into the basement shop.
Machine needs some cleaning!

Click on the head or motor to see a close-up of the plates.


The machine appears to be in good shape. The seller ran the machine before I bought it and the head sounded quiet.

The power feed control is a bit sticky and it needs a good cleaning, but overall, it looks tight.

The Y ways seemed almost new. They're chromed and in excellent shape. The flaking looks almost new. Suspiciously though, there's little sign of fresh scraping under them, so I'm a little dubious as to whether the ways are actually in as good shape as they look. I'll have to try out the surface plate and some bluing to see how they really are.


Details of Specific Components

Table Stops

X-Feed Mechanism