Welcome to Solebury Mountain Machining


Ever see 1500 lbs of Steel fly? Here's your chance...

This is the Really Big Crane used to move the machines from the front of the house to the basement entrance..

Click on pictures below for a closer view of the action...

ShopTask ElDorado Waiting for lift-off.

This is the small machine. Only around 800 lbs. It was the test case to determine if the crane would work, the casters would hold, and the deck wouldn't collapse...

Here we go...

Testing the strength of the support straps. Looking good, if not a bit out of balance...

The ShopTask coming down from the sky.

I really shouldn't be standing here! I'm not quite underneath of it so I'm safe, right?

Note the 5" casters. These babies are rated at about 600 lbs. each and roll smoothly weighted.

Touch-down!!! A perfect landing. Easy to manipulate while "floating" to position on the tracks leading in the door.

All carefully measured to ensure that there was plenty of clearance. And not a creak from the deck.

Now we're ready for the "big iron"!

Not shown in the pictures, this rig was easily wheeled by one person across a carpet and right into the shop.

The tracks adjusted for the Logan lathe. Still no problem with the door width!

Note that the tracks span many joists under the deck, so the weight will be spread out somewhat across several. Also, since the joists are at an angle, we might even get lucky and have each wheel between a different set.

Let's hope they can support 750 lbs./ pair. No problem, right?!?

Here's the Logan, mounted on the rollers, ready for liftoff.

We've just balanced it, using the orange straps for the light weight lifting and balancing job. We should have padded them so that they wouldn't cut on the sharp edges...

Note the big straps held towards the end of the bed using more orange straps. Wouldn't want the straps slipping mid-flight!!!

Hey look! It's flying! And level too!

Note that I asked the crane operator to swing the beast so that if it did fall, it wouldn't do so straight through our roof...

Here she comes...

Hey! Move further from the house!!!

Phew, that seemed like forever.

Note the 6" casters on the Logan, firmly bolted to the cross-supports. These are rated for 800 lbs each.

Amazing! That worked! And the measurements were even right...

She rolled right in and over the carpet. 1500lbs and one person can push it around.

My very patient wife, Evelyn, in the background coming to investigate and make sure that I have no intention of leaving the Logan in the family room.

Made it!!!

ShopTask and Logan resting in peace.

Time for a little cleanup and hoisting for the rest of the components.